Producer Gina Nemo Launches New Film Company, Zava Pictures

Producer Gina Nemo Launches New Film Company, Zava Pictures

The launch is preceding the release of three feature films and a franchise.

Los Angeles, CA – Gina Nemo, acclaimed American actor, director, and producer proudly announces the establishment of Zava Pictures, her latest film production company. With a remarkable career spanning decades, including her award-winning role as Dorothy Pezzino in the iconic television series 21 Jump Street during the 1980s, Nemo has now embarked on an exciting new chapter to bring captivating cinematic experiences to audiences worldwide.

Daughter of esteemed jazz musician Henry Nemo, Gina Nemo’s remarkable talent and passion have earned her accolades throughout her career. Following a prestigious Best Actress Award presented in Canada by the late Bob Hope, Nemo felt compelled to shift her focus behind the scenes, delving into the production of compelling content for diverse clients.

Having previously launched her own production company in the early 2000s, and later founding the successful marketing and production enterprise G Plan Media in 2012, Nemo has produced numerous critically acclaimed films, television pilots, and promotional campaigns for major studios, networks, and clients. Her unparalleled expertise in the field has also led her company, G Plan Media, to craft compelling content and promotional campaigns for esteemed corporations across the United States and Europe.

Now, with Zava Pictures, Nemo aims to explore new horizons in the film industry, presenting fresh and captivating projects to enthral audiences worldwide. The company’s inaugural lineup includes three highly anticipated feature films: CRUSH IT!, The Simian Trials, and DUSTSLICKERS. Excitingly, plans are already underway to transform DUSTSLICKERS into a franchise, expected to be unveiled next year, offering audiences an expanded cinematic universe.

“The name Zava Pictures holds deep significance for me, as it pays homage to my late father, Henry Nemo, and his iconic song Zava Zava Zava, released in the 1950s – and subsequently on an EP in 2007 under the Indano Music Co. banner,” Gina says. “G Plan Media, my established marketing company, will continue to play a pivotal role, handling the promotion of Zava Pictures’ projects, while also producing independent endeavors.”

Nemo’s creative journey continues to unfold as she currently directs and produces her latest feature film, DUSTSLICKERS, which she personally penned. This captivating production stars Russel Donahue, Alphonse Philippe Mouzon, Michael Charles Jr., Belle Nemo, Robert DiGiulio, Michael DiGiulio, and Adam Alara. Additionally, esteemed actors Sean O’Bryan, Mike Ferguson, and Sonny King will make special appearances, further enriching the compelling narrative.

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Gina Nemo is an acclaimed American actor, director, and producer, known for her award-winning role in the television series 21 Jump Street. With a diverse and successful career spanning decades, Nemo has now launched Zava Pictures, her new film production company, to create captivating cinematic experiences for global audiences.

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